What would you say to an H&M collection that was sustainable and also a bit vintage? And what would you say if this collection were thought up not only for us Pinelle but also for the men, the kids and even babies?

I’m not fantasising, it’s all true!!!! I have just found out that in spring this famous fashion brand that we all love will launch its Conscious Collection, a romantic line that is also sporty, vintage and trendy. What is fundamental here is that the materials used are organic cotton, recycled polyester and Tencel.

As it is a spring collection, it will hit the shops on 21 March, to coincide with the first day of spring… now that’s a cute idea! What’s more, as I mentioned above, the Conscious Collection is not just for us girls, but also for the men, babies and bigger kids, something for everyone in other words. And that’s not all! In view of the collection launch, they are also collecting used clothes: in practice you can take your old clothes (any brand) along to any H&M store and in exchange you will receive a €5 voucher to be used against a minimum purchase of €40, up to a maximum of two bags a day. I don’t know what you think, but in my opinion this is a really good, very intelligent idea, not just for helping us to declutter our wardrobes, but also for the environment!

The famous name endorsing this campaign is the beautiful Vanessa Paradis, who wanted to lend her face to this initiative because she loves all that is trendy and is also a friend of the environment (and fashion can be both!!!!). This is what she has to say: “I like taking part in initiatives like the H&M Conscious Collection. I do my best to live in the most eco-friendly way possible and my wardrobe includes lots of vintage pieces. I love this style that helps me to be eco-sustainable, because I use and reuse old clothes”. I agree with everything she says – what about you?

I am really curious to see the Conscious Collection and take part in this pro-environment campaign. Let’s all meet up at H&M on March 21st, ready to empty our bags full of old clothes and fill them again with new environmentally friendly items!



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    Ciao allora sei diventata internazionale bene,ma è vero che conosci tre lingue?,hai visto è arrivata l’estate ciaoooooooooooooooooooo

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      Ciao Mauretto, eh si l’estate sta arrivando… ed io non vedo l’ora 🙂
      Ho studiato al liceo linguistico e amo viaggiare… quindi si conosco l’Inglese e altre due lingue, ma parlarle bene davvero è un altra cosa 😀

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