Dear Pinelle,

yes, I know that the Cannes Film Festival is still more than a month away, but these days, maybe because of the recent David di Donatello Awards, I’ve been thinking a lot about the Red Carpets and the atmosphere that make all these events even more unique.
Talking about Red Carpets, at last year’s Cannes Film Festival I was amazed by the beauty of one of the most esteemed women in the world: Charlize Theron.
What struck me were her class, her elegance but especially her look. You know how much I love tomboy looks, and she was definitely one of my favourite actresses in the event: I can’t wait to see her on the catwalk again.

What if we copy her look?
Lots of people like the androgynous look trend and I find it very original, different, and absolutely sexy. I love it because you can dress this way for an elegant event, but it is also perfect for a sporty-chic look!

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