Marks&Angels Tour!

Marks&Angels Tour!

Ciao Pinelle!!!!!

Today, I am very proud to present the new Spring/Summer 2014 collection of Marks&Angels bags!!! And this time… listen up…your very own Pinella has decided to model the collection. Below you can take a peek at some of the photos taken by Gianluca Saragò… hope you like them!!!

For the new collection, we have decided to carry forward the Lucy bag, which enjoyed great success at the launch of the Marks&Angels line.
The Spring/Summer trend is full of multicoloured, crash-effect vintage and super-soft natural leathers, Mexican style embroidered fabrics, designs made with studs as if they were embroidery motifs and leopard prints with colourful bases, embellished with studs and big zips.

As you know, I have great love and respect for the female world, and the bag is definitely its most representative accessory! But this time… we even thought of our male Pinelli!!! In fact, the new collection will include two models for you men!
The idea sprang from rather spontaneous inspiration provided by my own Tommaso!!! One day I was having a meeting at my house with Laura when at one point Tommaso went by and shouted: “Don’t you ever think of us men?“… and eureka! 🙂

But now I want to tell you about a surprise:
Every month I will be visiting a shop, somewhere around Italy, that sells our Marks&Angels bags and… you’re all invited!!! Not only will you get the chance to see my new collection, but also to have a fashion chinwag with yours truly! 🙂
I’ll will be waiting with open arms and will keep you all posted on my schedule!!!!

The first date of the Marks&Angels TOUR is Friday 13 December at the shop KRISTINA Ti in Via Maria Vittoria in Turin, from 5 to 8 pm!!!


Make Up: Sabrina Farina
Hair Stylist: Michele Moretti
Styling: Claudia Scutti
Organisation: Sabrina Laganà




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