Topshop, I love you!

Topshop, I love you!

Ciao pinelle!!!

Today I’m going to show you a look created with a playsuit and an embroidered jacket bought in my fave shop in my fave city: Topshop in London.

As I told you before, I spent a few days over the Christmas holidays there with my family and since the sales had begun, besides all of the marvellous things to see in that city, I couldn’t resist a trip to my favourite shop! 🙂

It’s not easy to pick out garments in Topshop because it’s a huge shop and you can feel a little overwhelmed. I often meet people who say: “hey Alessia, I went to Topshop in London ‘cos you recommended it, but I couldn’t find anything I liked!” In reality, it is full of amazing things for affordable prices (considering the sterling, though…), but you have to know the place well and how to navigate it so as not to waste too much time. Well, yours truly here knows exactly how to “navigate”….hahahahaahh, and so when my friends or my mum with her friends go to London, they always want me to come along too… what a pain eh!!! 😀

On those occasions I have the job of “trailblazer”, but of course I can never resist and I always buy myself something! This time was no exception and as I told you, I bought a playsuit and a jacket. I matched this low cost look with a Chanel bag and Zanotti boots, which are not so inexpensive but you know I love to mix and match things. The finishing touch is a nice pair of thick Wolford tights.  What do you think… like my look?

Dress: TopShop
Embroided jacket: TopShop
Bag: Chanel
Boots: Zanotti

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