Operation Smile

Operation Smile

Dear pinelle and pinelli,

Today my post is dedicated to a topic that has always been close to my heart: voluntary work.

I chose to speak to you about Operation Smile, an Italian non-profit organisation founded in 2000 made up of volunteers: doctors, nurses and healthcare workers that carry out humanitarian missions in over 60 countries around the world offering plastic surgery and maxillofacial surgery to correct severe facial deformities such as cleft lips and cleft palates, or burns and trauma.

I had the idea to talk to you about this whilst I was chatting to a friend of mine. Giulia Bevilacqua, that has recently participated on a mission in Mombasa in Africa. She returned full of emotion and strong feelings, enthusiastic about the experience after witnessing the importance of this association and how essential the help that it brings to these people is. You can read her experience on the website.

Today, Operation Smile is working on promoting and trying to achieve a self-sufficient medical service at local level through the improvement of health infrastructure and medical training, to be able to guarantee every child easier access to free, high quality specialised treatments.

Just think that it takes just as little as 45 minutes for a cleft lip surgery. Operation Smile was born to put smiles back on faces and to give hope of a better life to all those children that are born with facial deformities in the poorest countries of the world.

With 9 Euros a month, 30 cents a day, you can put a smile back on a poverty-stricken child’s face. For more information and how to pay go to: http://www.operationsmile.it/




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