California Girl

California Girl

Hey my pinelle and pinelli!

Today I wanted to go all out and do a very daring look to show you ! …If we don’t have fun once in a while it would be boring, right?!?
 So… I was inspired by these lovely gold sandals and I said to myself: “why not try a striking California girl look?”

I imagined myself in one of those Californian villas that overlook the stretch of Malibu beaches, those places where the stars do those dream photo shoots and so I thought… “yeah, let’s go for it!”. I put on some electric blue shorts, an animal print jacket, sunglasses with a gold frame and voilà…  let’s enjoy ourselves taking the photos!

To make everything a bit more scenic (and worthy of a Hollywood star! :D) I used some coloured filters on my iPhone and I played around a bit with some diva poses… what do you say, did I go all out??? AHAHAHAHA


Jacket: L’Aura
Tank top:  Rag&Bone
Shorts: TopShop
Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban


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