Hey Pinelle!!!

Yesterday I went to the editing department at Cinecittà studios to talk to the authors and to check on the guys from a bit closer… I caught up with everything I missed, I try to be as up to date with it as possible but, not being able to watch TV 24/7, I always have to catch up with what’s going on inside the ‘house’…
It was lovely in the sunshine (the opposite to the pouring rain in Rome today!) so I decided to go out in a short sleeve t-shirt!!!! Here the sun gets quite warm, and I don’t miss the opportunity to strip off those thick layers I wear in winter which we are finally leaving behind us.

So here is yesterday afternoon’s look: the white ‘NO!’ t-shirt from Annalisa Adore, which I think is really cute and fun, and which at times says it all for you ahahahahahahaa (obviously if you need it, there’s a ‘YES’ one too…)

I went for a rock style sleeveless, long black leather jacket on top (another spring must-have for me)… my irresistible skinny jeans and my beloved studded boots!!!

And as for the accessories?? A Marks&Angels bag, this one you see is the Lucy bag with a jaguar print on it, which brings the look to life with a touch of colour, but the really unique piece is the sunglasses!!!!! Optical print 70’s style diva sunglasses from Pugnale & Nyleve! Don’t you think they are really unusual?? I wore quite a fancy ITW watch on my wrist, but it went really well with the look, and a ring to finish off… the accessory I can’t live without right now!

So do you like this look YES or NO?


T-shirt: No by Annalisa Adore
Jeans: Roy Rogers
Sleeveless leather jacket: Only
Sunglasses: Pugnale & Nyleve
Boots: Ash
Ring: MiDiosa
Watch: IWC


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