London girls… see u soon!!!

London girls… see u soon!!!

Ciao Pinelle!!!

Last week I went to London for the hen do of my friend Elena Santarelli. All her best friends organised a surprise party for her.

I took this opportunity to spend a few days in one of my favourite cities! And as by now you know, I know it like the back of my hand and I love to take lots of photos there for LaPinella and give you some tips!

On the night of the party I decided to wear quite a simple dress but which really stands out because it’s full of sequins which make it really rock! Some of you will remember it because it’s the dress I wore for the last episode of Music Summer Festival last year. Despite the basic cut it’s really striking, so perfect for a crazy night on the town. 😀

What can I say, it was a really fun night and Elena’s face when she saw all her friends there was something I will never forget… she was so shocked! The only photo that I’ll show you of the whole group of us together is the one we took by the London Eye and that we all posted on our social networking sites: the rest, I’m very sorry… is top secret… Ahaahahahah!!!

We had so much fun it was crazy and I also had the opportunity to see lots of my friends from Milan that I haven’t seen in ages (“the young bride”, “the professional” and “frozen” were the centre of attention all night long…….ahahahahah!!!!). The only man there was Carlo Mengucci, who I have known for more than 10 years… you can see our crazy dancing in the photos!

Kisses to all my London Girls… so now we wait for the most amazing day of Ele’s life!

Kisses to all my beautiful pinelle!

Dress: Splendid
Shoes: Zanotti
Jacket: Alexander Wang
Bag: Jimmy Choo

Elena Santarelli’s dress: John Zack UK


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