A whole ocean of kisses to my Pinelle!

A whole ocean of kisses to my Pinelle!

Dear Pinelle,
I’ve been on holiday for a few days now, in the Bahamas with Mia, Tommy and a few of our friends… I’m sending you these photos from our break, and I’ll be replying to you from here as well (when I can!!)

I really wanted to go on this holiday with my “gang“, so a few months ago, some friends and I were chatting, and we decided to organise it together! Our children are more or less all the same age, so it seemed logical to go on one big group holiday. 😉
They, needless to say, are having so much fun with their little friends, and if they’re happy, I’m happy… and nicely tanned too!!

But I haven’t forgotten about you Pinelle!!! I’ve decided to document just a little bit of my holiday for you, and of course my holiday looks! Today we’ll start with this little dress which I really love for days at the beach. I bought it from TopShop for my holiday – I like the way it brings together so many different patterns. Also from London, there’s my straw hat – as I’m sure you’ve realised by now, my must-have beach accessory!!

Ladies, I hope you like it… I’m sending you all kisses from here!!!!!

Vestito e Cappello: TopShop


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