Discovering America!

Discovering America!

Ciao Pinelle!!!

Today I want to show you a few more photos of the trip I’m on with Mia and Tommy in the Bahamas.
When we arrived, we spent the first few days just relaxing – resting after our journey and getting used to the time difference, but after that we decided to head off and discover this beautiful archipelago.
Of course, our first stop simply had to be the island on to which Christopher Columbus disembarked in 1492, when he first discovered America.

The island is known as San Salvador because, after navigating for many months, Columbus considered it his saviour! A white cross near to the point where the explorer disembarked provides a reminder of an event which made history, and standing in front of it was truly an emotional experience… The older children, having just broken up from school, were the perfect guides throughout our crossing to the island! 😀

In this group you can see me with Mia and Tommy, Ezia and her husband Roberto with their children Rebecca and Mattia, and Chiara with her two sons Alessandro and Francesco. The kids are all friends and hang out together in Rome too, so they’re having a lot of fun… but we grownups are enjoying ourselves equally as much!!!

Along with the photos of our trip, I want to show you my all-American look… but with a touch of Pinella style. 😉
Kisses to all my pinelle… and please don’t worry… I’M ON MY WAY HOME!!!!


Shoes: Les Tropéziennes
T-Shirt: Topshop
Shorts: Rag & Bone


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