Hidden corners in the centre of London!

Hidden corners in the centre of London!

Ciao Pinelle!!

Today I’m showing you these brand new photos of my weekend just spent in London with TommasoMia and Claudia.

We were there because, for the third year running, we took Tommy to summer school, where he’ll be spending a few weeks between July and August. He goes there to study English, of course… and needless to say he always has enormous fun!!

So once everything was organised, Mia and I took some time out to wander around the streets of London with Aunty Claudia!!! 🙂 When we’re there, we often go on long walks all together, and on Saturday, coming back from the playground at St Luke’s, we discovered a quiet little village right behind the city centre. There are just a few houses, and greenery is the main element of this corner where silence reigns eternal!

Anyway… let’s move on to our looks!!! I wore a white long-sleeved shirt and tight black jeans from Top Shop,  Adidas shoes and my inseparable Ray-Bans!
Mia had animal print shorts from Zara and a white tank with a wideish Scoop t-shirt over it, making her feel like a real little fashionista, ha ha! On her feet she wore Naturino sandals, which have lovely fluorescent colours with a leopard print strap. She adores them and they are very comfortable too!

The weekend flew by… but we did fit in lots more outings, all three of us!
Hugs and kisses pinelle!!!








foto 1

foto 5


Alessia’s look

Shirt and Jeans: Top Shop
Shoes: Adidas
Glasses: Ray-Ban
Ring: Mvp Creations
The necklace is borrowed from my boyfriend 🙂

Mia’s look
Shorts: Zara
T-shirt: Scoop
Shoes: Naturino


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