First must-have for the summer: a straw hat!

First must-have for the summer: a straw hat!

Ciao Pinelle, enjoying a few days holiday? Or are you still busy with the last days of work? Well, anyway, don’t worry… I’ll keep you company! I’ve just decided to do a little “summary” of looks for summer… and to pick out the must-have garments that have defined my summer.

The first could be no other than…the straw hat! I wore it a whole lot and with plenty of different outfits! You can find a few of them below, perhaps my favourites, and just click on the photos to find the original post and the brands if you’re interested!

Let’s just say that I am a fan of hats in general… and at the sea I use it not just because I like it, but also because it protects my head from the sun. However it is an accessory I wear also in autumn/winter… but not in straw, of course lol! I find it very on trend, and it definitely makes us different! What do you think?

Hugs and kisses to all!





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