Picnic in the mountains!

Picnic in the mountains!

Ciao Pinelle!!
Are you ready for this final August weekend? I’m heading back to Rome after taking Mia and Tommy to the mountains for a few days. I have been taking Tommy here every year since he was 3 months old; it is a beautiful place in the Dolomites, in San Cassiano in Alta Badia.

In winter, as you know, it is a very popular destination for skiers, but I discovered it in summer and never looked back! It is a really beautiful place, and full of things to do! Besides the long, long walks along the various trails that link all the passes in the Dolomites, you can go wild doing a host of different sports… you never get bored, basically!!
And then there are breathtaking sunsets when the Dolomites are coloured pink!
Soon I’ll prepare a post with my recommended walks if you ever decide to spend a few days in these parts!!!

Here are some photos of our walk up to the alpine hut where Hotel Rosalpina organised a picnic for everyone! You can also see me mixing up the rice… under the careful supervision of Norbert, the hotel’s Michelin starred chef, of course. I have known him since I was little and he’s now a friend of mine. He has travelled the world, working in the most famous restaurants of many cities, to then come back here to his home!
I was there with my best friend Marella, two dear friends Giovanni and Valentina together with their children Tommaso and Valerio who are great friends with Tommy. You can see all three together in one photo.
Valerio was Tommy’s classmate for a long time but now, starting secondary school, they have to separate, unfortunately!! Needless to say Mia didn’t leave them in peace for one second!! lol!

I’ll leave to the photos of our walk in the high mountains Pinelle… and, even if a little different from my usual, what do you think of my hiking look? Like it?

Kisses to all and have a good weekend!!!

PS: Valentina, Tommaso and Valerio’s mum, has a wonderful catering business in Rome… if you should ever need it, here’s the website! www.valentinabonessi.it




Windstopper: Patagonia
Shorts: Gap
Yellow top: Equipment
Scarf: Faliero Sarti
Shirt: Topshop
Boots: Meindl
Sunglasses: Ray-ban

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