Girls Just Want To Have Fun!

Girls Just Want To Have Fun!

Ciao Pinelle!!!!
Ok, I admit it, I have a weakness for this look! I leaked this on Instagram last week, and today I want to show it to you because I had such fun taking these photos. Do you remember how Madonna was dressed in the film “Desperately Seeking Susan“? Or Cyndi Lauper’s unmistakable look in the ’80s?

This outfit really reminds me of them, and that fantastic time when I would stand all day in front of the mirror, copying them sing, with a sweeping brush instead of a microphone!!! 😀

So, I wore a little black dress which hangs comfortably over the body, and can be suitable for a variety of occasions, a belt to accentuate the waist, and some fantastic lace tights that end at the ankles like leggings! They’re enough to send you right back into the ’80s I assure you!

Over the dress, I put on my trusty denim jacket, a bit lighter this time and with a bleached vintage look, with low boots, just below the bottom of the tights to expose a bit of bare ankle. The leopard print bag is perhaps the most up-to-date element of this look, but I find it decidedly rock’n’roll and therefore perfect for this outfit!!!

And now… a little surprise! I have decided to add some music to my posts!!! Very often, I look at the outfits in my photos and think of a song that could be the soundtrack to the looks, and so I thought, why not?
Below you can find the song that gives this post its name and listen to it by simply clicking on play, once you are registered with Spotify or have the mobile app if you read this blog on your phone. I chose this method because it seems to be a really popular service and it’s free!!
What do you think? Like the idea? Maybe you can come up with some more inspirational songs too! 😉

Hugs and kisses pinelle!!!



Dress: Madewell
Denim Jacket: Top Shop
Tights: Top Shop
Belt: Stella McCartney
Shoes: Bams
Bag: Roberto Cavalli


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