A look for an informal ceremony

A look for an informal ceremony

Ciao my Pinelle,
today’s photos were taken in Rome last weekend, when it was still warm!!!!! Since Wednesday winter has arrived even here.

Claudia and I were invited to a baptism and the child’s parents had organised lunch on their terrace. What you can see in the photos is what I decided to wear for a slightly informal ceremony.

I’ll say it now: I adore this black and white skirt by Chloé… not to mention the Valentino shoes, which you’ll have already seen in their ballerina version. I love this whole outfit!!!!!

But let’s take things one by one, also because I know that some of you might laugh at my choice of a denim jacket for a ceremony… I’m sure I’ll change your mind though!

I had already decided to wear this white skirt with black print which I really love and think is the perfect length for this kind of occasion. It’s a few years old and part of a suit. I have the matching blouse but wanted to separate it and just create the rest of the look myself! Above I wore a very simple and elegant black silk top, slightly sassy shoes in antique blue with studs and not-so-high heel as you can see (so I can feel comfortable and not like I have to take them off after a couple hours…). The bag is the same colour as the shoes and has the same studded detail, with a shiny double chain shoulder strap.

So now let’s get to the denim jacket. I picked it because it was an afternoon do, at someone’s home, so I could be a little daring. It toned down the look and perfectly echoed the colour of the accessories I’d chosen. What do you think?

Hugs and kisses to all!!!



Gonna: Chloé
Scarpe e borsa: Valentino
Maglia seta: Fausto Puglisi
Giacca Jeans: Top Shop
Occhiali: Ray Ban


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