Casual Friday!

Casual Friday!

Today I’m going to show you the perfect look for casual Friday! And I know that with these coloured accessories, you will bring plenty of cheer even to the workplace!!! 🙂
Today’s outfit is based on three colours: red, blue and white, like a winter version of nautical style which, as you know, I often use in the summer!!! 
Actually, I have a little confession to make: I don’t really like red as a colour, even though it suits us blondes very well… I must say though, that used in accessories, as you can see today, it’s just right and gives me a burst of energy!!!

Shall I begin with a description of the look? OK, let’s begin with these jeans by Meltin Pot, which have a hidden feature… They are in fact reversible jeans with a floral print on the inside! 🙂 I chose the classic denim side for today’s look, which goes perfectly with my very elegant, chic white silk top by Marella. Over that I decided to wear this blue plain cut double-breasted jacket, again by Marella.
But let’s move onto the coloured accessories!!!! The red sunglasses are by Chanel and have very unusual woven temples like a chain – really, really nice. On my feet I’ve a pair of ultra-comfy sneakers, a limited edition by Diadora! And a handbag, red – of course – to round off the coloured accessories, spacious and thus suitable for daytime, also by Marella.

So I’m all set. What do you think of the end result?

Well Pinelle, I’ll leave you to this new weekend, and especially to the night of the witches!!! I bet you are getting ready for some themed party or other, with friends or your kids!!! hehehe Happy Halloween my little witches!!! Trick or treat???
Hugs and kisses!


Jeans: Meltin Pot
Maglia seta: Marella
Cappotto: Marella
Borsa: Marella
Scarpe: Diadora
Occhiali: Chanel


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