Just for you… my wedding.

Just for you… my wedding.

Dear Pinelle and Pinelli,

Today’s story is very special to me, and I’ve decided to share it with you because it’s the only way I have to thank you for the love you’ve shown me. As you’ll know by now, on Monday 1 December at 12.30 pm, I married Paolo. We chose a venue in the Cotswolds in the English countryside, not far from London. It is here that our romantic getaway began, surrounded by just a few witnesses and relatives, and it surprised everyone!

We decided to do everything in secret, to try to make it a very intimate thing, because we wanted that day to be all about us and our loved ones, in a place where no one knew who we were. And I really think we pulled it off!

The first romantic weekend that Paolo and I spent together was actually in London, so we decided to go back there to celebrate our wedding. We went for a look around the English countryside and, after some research, we found a Catholic church, near the estate where we stayed for two days… an enchanting place that I will never forget!

And now I’ll get onto the topic of the dress that so many of you have asked about… But first of all, thanks for all the compliments! The designer is Giambattista Valli: a dear friend of mine and Paolo’s for a long time. For years, he has been living in Paris, and, as you all know, he is famous worldwide for his beautiful high fashion clothes. Thanks Giamba… It’s the most beautiful rock ‘n’ roll style dress I could ever want, and I’ll never be able to thank you enough for what you did for me in so little time!!!

Because the truth dear Pinelle and Pinelli, is that Paolo and I decided to get married two months ago, and we did everything in a rush!!! And this is where my incredible Wonder Woman Alessandra Grillo comes in, also a friend from way back but, above all, the woman who organised everything down to the minutest details and without whom I would never have been able to do all this!! Unique, incredible… there’s no one like her. No one.

As I said, there were very few of us. Apart from our relatives, Paolo and I decided to have five witnesses each, the people with the closest links to our life and our story. My children were so cute: Mia was convinced that it was her wedding!!!! 😀 She and Rebecca (her best friend) carried the rings and looked beautiful in their tulle dresses with wreaths of flowers on their heads. Tommaso was the most excited of us all, and walked me down the aisle together with my dad. Immediately after the ceremony, we went back into the wonderful house for lunch, organised in a truly impressive room. In the afternoon, after cutting the cake, we all went back to our rooms to have a bit of a rest. We told everyone to be ready at a certain time in the evening, but no one knew why, it was all top secret… The evening do was about to begin… But I’ll talk about that on Friday! 😉

Just think that the photo I posted for you last week was taken by my friend Claudia (who you all know by now!) on her phone, and I’m really happy that the first picture printed in the newspapers was one taken by her, as she has been at my side every step of this wonderful experience, almost as if it were her own. Thank you my friend!

And now I need to thank a few people… Thank you to all our friends and family… thank you for sharing our special day with us and showing us so much love… Paolo and I love you all so much!
Thanks to Sabrina Farina, Michele Moretti andAlessandro Franciotti (for Aldo Coppola) for making me look so beautiful and for laughing with me while I was really emotional getting ready!
And finally, I’d like to thank my husband Paolo, the only person capable of turning a nonconformist bad girl like me into an unprecedented hopeless romantic!!!

P.S. if you want to know all the details about the clothes and some interesting facts, you’ll find them underneath the photos! Love you all!


A few answers to your questions:

· The photos you’ve seen were taken by my friend Mirta Lispi.
· The shoes are from Jimmy Choo and I bought them in Paris two days before getting married.
· The bouquet and the flowers are the work of Giuseppe Armenise from Botlea.
One of the many weddings he worked on was Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel’s in Puglia,
the exact place from where Giuseppe set off for London with all the flowers in tow.
· The dresses and coats worn by the little girls are from “La Stupenderia” in Milan.
· The men all wore morning suits while I gave a dress code to the women: woodland colours.
· My witnesses were: Claudia, Marella, my cousin Valentina, Ezia and Daniela, who is my gynaecologist
and was there at the birth of both my children.

· Paolo’s witnesses were his old friends: Alessio, Luigi, Nicola, Daniele and Andrea.
· The lunch menu was entirely devoted to Italian flavours, but for breakfast I respected English tradition.
· The cake is from a famous British cake designer called Peggy Porschen, and she designed it especially for me!
·Aynhoe Park is the name of the estate where we spent two fantastic days, and it is also the place where Jade Jagger, daughter of the legendary Mick, got married!

· One last interesting fact: The Bride arrived bang on time!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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