Dear Santa…

Dear Santa…

Dear Pinelle, Christmas is getting closer… not long to go now!! So, I thought I’d give you some gift suggestions. You may want to put them in your own Santa letter, or give them to friends or relatives….I just might inspire you, let me know… 😉

The first is for all the women who go mad for make up! It is the Diorshow Black Out mascara by Dior. I use it all the time as I have very fair lashes and it guarantees amazing volume and intense colour. I also use it on TV. If you don’t know it, do try it, or if you decide to give it to a girlfriend, she’ll definitely be delighted!!!

Let’s leave make up now and move on to our beloved shoes! I picked these gorgeous ankle boots in black leather by Janet & Janet, with quite a high but very comfortable heel, and lots of mini studs that give them a rock‘n’roll feel… and the price is definitely attractive! Pinelli out there, listen up and take note!! 😉

And now, a suggestion for all you technology fans!!! Set to leave you speechless is the new Samsung Gear S smartwatch, which can even send and receive messages, or make and receive calls… What’s more, it has lots of straps that can be changed easily, suitable for a range of different occasions. Here, I’ve included a man’s model, but you can really go wild as there are lots and lots to choose from!

Shall we move onto little girls?  I fell in love with these red patent ballerinas by Lelli Kelly. They are the height of fashion abroad, and right down Mia’s alley, since she often wants to dress up like a princess… Besides being really cute, these ballerinas are also very comfortable. But the best thing about them is that they have different interchangeable straps to personalise the shoe. You can choose between the classic bow and the butterfly with strass stones, for the more romantic types!

What do you think… shall I go on?? I still have a few more suggestions…let me see…

OK, take a look at these star ear cuffs by Rossella Catapano! I wore them on TV and I think they’re really nice and glitzy. They are all the rage among celebrities and I’m sure that if you take a look through the website you will find lots of other little interesting gems! 😉

Lastly, I’ll show you this wallet from my Marks And Angels range! It comes in different patterns. I picked this metallic one, which you can use almost as if it were a clutch, and, if you’re thinking of giving it as a present, remember to put a coin inside… it brings good luck to whoever receives it!!

I could go on, but I’ll stop here. Let me know if I have given you any good ideas!!!

Hugs and kisses!



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