A long dress for New Year’s Eve

A long dress for New Year’s Eve

Here I am my Pinelle and Pinelli!!

How were your holidays? I have been travelling for the past few days and I’m writing to you from far, far away! Paolo and I have taken off for a week of relaxation, also because both Mia and Tommy are spending Christmas and the holidays with their fathers. So that is why I organised a little Christmas with the whole family on 22 December! This is basically our honeymoon!!! 🙂

But I haven’t forgotten about you despite being here!! I’ve decided to show you an outfit to give you some ideas for the longest night of the year!! Especially if you feel a little daring, like I did in these photos… maybe for a great big New Year’s Eve bash!!!
I also thought of doing something “bizarre” but very high impact… at least I think so. I’ve matched this long dress with high split with a nice pair of boots instead of the classic elegant shoe. I don’t mind telling you that the effect is really something!

Here, of course, I played around with the split a lot in these photos, just for emphasis, but I assure you that this dress by Marco Bologna can suit whatever mood you’re in. Try it with some amazing courts and you’ll be ultra elegant, or with fringed boots like my Aquazzura ones to really break the rules; or even with some low heels or flat boots for a more casual and informal twist!!!

What do you think? Have I given you any useful ideas?

Anyway, have a great time my friends, celebrate the new year and leave behind the old one if it didn’t bring you anything good … I hope 2015 will be a year full of love and success for you all!! I love you… all the best!!!!!

Dress: Marco Bologna
Belt: Stella McCartney
Boots: Aquazzura


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