Silver silver

Silver silver

Ciao Pinelle and Pinelli!! Happy 2015!!!!!! I am on my way back to Rome, and I’m all set for the new year!!

But since there is still a bit of a holiday atmosphere and the weekend is just around the corner, today I’m going to show you a sparkly look perfectly in step with the Christmas/New Year/Epiphany celebrations!!! 😀
The outfit is really simple, and it reminded me of a question one of you Pinelle asked me a few days ago: what can I wear with sequinned shorts? My advice was to pick something very, very plain, since the shorts are already quite eye-catching. And that is the same principle I used to choose this look here but the other way round!
The strong piece is obviously this gorgeous silvery sweater, all soft and shiny by Luxury Fashion, which I matched with some really plain black leggings by Yamamay and equally simple low boots by Ash, which you’ll have often seen in my looks! 😀
The sweater has three-quarter length sleeves, and if you wear it off the shoulder, as you can see in the photos, it becomes pretty sexy, exposing a bra strap… mine is a classic black one by Agent Provocateur.
So be sure not to overdo it, and when you have a really important, eye-catching piece like this sweater in your outfit, match it with very simple, basic pieces, so as not to look OTT! You’ll still be just as gorgeous and, I assure you, extremely elegant! What do you think? Pinelle, I hope you have a great weekend… and I’ll be expecting you all on Monday with a look especially for all of my little befane! heheheh

You will all be really lovely ones, I promise!

Leggins: Yamamay
Top: Luxury Fashion
Boots: Ash
Bra: Agent Provocateur
Occhiali: Persol

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