Before going out…

Before going out…

Ciao Pinelle! 

How are you? After Monday’s episode of Isola, I came back to Rome yesterday afternoon and I must say I am so delighted with all the photos you have sent me… You have really given me a boost and touched my heart!
Today, after the slightly different posts of the past while, it’s time to get back to our beloved outfits! I have decided to start with my morning ritual, which changes depending on the time, the seasons and sometimes even on the new things I discover while doing my job. So today I’m going to give you a peek into the stages of my post awakening!!!

I know that a lot of you will have read previous beauty posts and may already know some of my tips … but from the many questions I receive, I’d say you’ll appreciate these posts just as much!! 😉 So here we are… ready in front of the mirror!

First, I start my facial cleansing with a St Ives scrub, 100% natural, which cleanses deep down and leaves your skin silky. Next, I nearly always rinse with a detergent and I must say that I love the make-up removal gel by Avéne, delicate yet absolutely effective. The next step is Acqua floreale by Sisley, a spray which, besides moisturising and toning, refreshes your facial skin, giving it a gentle revival. Before applying foundation, I always put on a good cream that nourishes and illuminates my skin. These days I am using the new cream – Extraordinary Oil by L’Oréal Paris, enriched with essential oils of rosemary and lavender, which has anti-oxidant, anti-age and illuminating properties.

And here’s another thing: on the website I found some lovely massage movements to do while we apply this cream and which help relax the signs of stress! Another product in this range, excellent for night time, is dry Oil for the face, which I use as a renewal treatment. As regards make up, I must be honest: when I’m not working, I hardly wear any at all…so I at least let my skin breathe a bit. Sometimes I put on just a little Avéne foundation, which hides the slight imperfections and also has a good sun protection. This is the last step before moving on to the lips, which I cover with a good balm by Skinius to protect and moisturise them deep down for the whole day (I saw a few models who carry it with them in their bag!). To finish, I must say that I never leave the house without a dash of red lipstick… I may not put anything on my face, but I never forget a little red on the lips… ahahahahah! One of my faves is the scarlet shade by Laura Mercier.

After this five-minute beauty routine… it’s finally time for the outfit!! 😀
As you can see from the photos, I’m wearing a very comfortable and slightly masculine outfit: a red and black shirt with a knot at the front, eighties style, by Dondup;  I have a simple white tee by IRO underneath, and wool trousers in anthracite grey by Cycle, very comfortable and warm with elasticised cuffs. To round off the look, some lace-up shoes with round toe by Fiorentini+Baker, very comfy and practical for keeping up with the little curly-locks of this house the whole day!

So what do you think? Hugs and kissesiiiiii




Trousers: Cycle
T-shirt: IRO
Shirt: Dondup
Shoes: Fiorentini+Baker

L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil
Sisley Acqua floreale
St. Ives Scrub Apricot
Laura Mercier Lipstick
Skinius Lip Balm
Avéne Makeup Removal Gel
Avéne Couvrance Compact Foundation Cream


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