If you’re one of those who takes a peek at the photos before reading the post, you’ll be wondering: “Hey has Alessia gone mad??! What kind of post is this??” Well… I’ll tell you right now! 😉
Today, I want to tell you what’s been going on at chez Marcuzzi these past few weeks! We are having work done to give Tommaso a bit more space to himself. He’s getting big and his little bedroom is starting to feel a bit cramped! So we decided to make a few changes, without gutting the whole thing however! The outcome? My office has become Tommy’s storeroom!! He has emptied out his bedroom… but has created absolute chaos in the office we also use for our photo shoots!
So, during my weekly Milan/Rome travels, I decided to take control of the situation and avail of a service I found while surfing the net. It’s called Helpling and it rapidly puts us in contact with cleaning experts.
So why tell you about it? Because it is simple, quick and you can do everything online, booking even a one-off visit if you like. Have you ever thrown a party for your kids, only to tear your hair out afterwards at the thought of tidying up the mess? Or, like me, you might need some help after some home renovations. So I decided to tell you about this service with Marisa, one of the many cleaning experts from Helpling.
What’s more, for all of you who follow me on this blog, there’s a discount code which you can use to get a free 2hr trial or a discount on the service you’d like to purchase. Just go to the website, book the service and enter the lapinella code at the end of the booking process in the section “Do you have a discount code?”. The price will be automatically reduced!
So go for it girls… that way you can enjoy the weekend by relaxing and maybe, for once, you won’t have to worry about the domestic chores!

A big kiss pinelle!!! I’m going to get my trolley bag ready, because it’s almost time to get going again!
Have a great weekend y’all!!!



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