Dubai. The new world

Ciao Pinelle and Pinelli!!!

As promised, here I am with a post devoted to my holiday in Dubai a few weeks ago.

In the photos, I am inside the hotel where I stayed and, even if you can’t see it from these snaps, it’s on the same beach as the famous sailboat-shaped hotel “Burj Al Arab Jumeirah”….. which is really more of a work of art than a hotel!!!

Things to do and see in this splendid city, which combines an old-world charm with a modern, exciting lifestyle, are many, whether you are with just adults or with the family in tow.
The best time for the weather is right now, between March and April; the sun is warm but the temperatures aren’t yet stifling!
Looking at the city, you’ll definitely be awestruck by the skyscrapers of the Dubai skyline. Besides the incredible Burj Al Arab hotel, there’s also the record-breaking skyscraper Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. With a bit of prior organisation, you can book a place on the world’s fastest lift, which will shoot you up to the hotel’s 124th floor in about 45 seconds, from where you can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of Dubai!

Those looking for sea and relaxation are spoilt for choice here, as the beaches are big, white and the water crystal clear … my fave is Jumeirah Beach. Off the coast you can see the palm island of Dubai, an artificial island in the shape of a palm tree. The first, Palm Jumeirah, is already finished, but there are two more under construction to complete this manmade archipelago of over 300 smaller isles. On Palm island is the ultra-famous hotel Atlantis, an absolute haven for kids, which besides having an incredible playground, also gives you the chance to experience a magical encounter with some dolphins!!!
Then if you feel like some shopping, look no further, for you can find the world’s largest shopping malls here.  There is the Mall of Emirates, famous for its indoor ski slope (they rent out suits, boots and skis and off you go!!!), but my favourite of all is the Dubai Mall… Inside there is absolutely everything and you can find every imaginable brand….really fantastic!!! I can also highly recommend Topshop (of course…hahaha!), Steve Madden, Hamley’s for all kinds of kids’ toys, Victoria Secrets and you absolutely have to sample the cheesecake at Cheesecake Factory (which you can only otherwise get in America!). A must-see at the Dubai Mall is the marvellous Aquarium… it really is an experience…. and one of the biggest in the world! To finish, go to the square below… every 20 mins there is a musical show with fountain water features very similar to the one in Bellaggio in Las Vegas!!!

For those who would like to discover the “old” city, there are the typical souks, the real ones… like the Deira Souk, sharply contrasting with the modernity of the city, but just as fascinating precisely because you can really breathe in the origins of this land. There you can find unique gold and spice markets and get some real bargains!
To finish, don’t miss out on a trip to the desert… In just 20 mins from the city centre you’ll feel like you have been catapulted into another world!

Ah, my beach outfit is a leopard print playsuit by NikiB, given to me by one of my friends  Gaia from borseinaffitto. Don’t I look perfectly in step with the location?? Of course I couldn’t be without my Marks & Angels bag, perfect even for city sightseeing… handy, foldable and affordable.
In the next post I’ll be telling you all about
nightlife in Dubai… which is perhaps even more exciting than in Miami and London!!!

Kisses to all!!



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