Ready for a new challenge!

Ready for a new challenge!

Buongiorno Pinelle and pinelli! How are you?
As you can see I’m with Mia in today’s photos, and I must confess we took these snaps in front of the house while we were chanting the Marcuzzi girls’ motto!
You see, when we all play together, Mia and I make up the girls’ team, while Paolo and Tommy of course play on the boys’.
So when they trick us to win, or if we catch them cheating (yes, because they are really sly!!!) we defend ourselves with our secret weapon: the ever-victorious girls’ song… an invention of mine which I will sing for you one day… ahahahah!!!

OK let’s move on to our outfits. I wore jeans by Meltin’ Pot, matched with a grey cotton Tezenis tee. Then I brightened up the whole ensemble with a slightly long jacket in bright blue by AnnieP and my legendary pink All Stars! Mia was wearing jeans too, by Gap kids, a lamé look T-shirt by Le Petit Coco, a bomber covered in crocodiles by Kita Shop and really comfortable sneakers with a floral pattern and gold inserts by Naturino!

So Mia and I are ready for a new challenge… Of course, if we’d had a fashion challenge, we would have won for sure!! ahahha
A big kiss to all and have a great week!!!


Look Mia
Jeans: Gap Kids
T-Shirt: Le Petit Coco
Bomber: Kita Shop
Shoes: Naturino

Look Alessia
Jacket: AnnieP
T-Shirt: Tezenis
Jeans: Meltin’ Pot
Shoes: Converse All Star
Watch and sunglasses: Michael Kors


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