Yellow, Stripes and Smile

Yellow, Stripes and Smile

You’ve got to admit it pinelle, stripes are one of those patterns that never go out of style, are instantly summery and always manage to give a slightly French touch of chic to your outfit!
Today I decided to wear them on my feet in these original and comfortable loafers by Charles Philip, but first let’s take a step back… because there are two details in this outfit that catapulted me right back to when I was a little girl!
The jeans I’m wearing are by Roy Rogers, just like the ones I used to wear when I was small. I’m sure many of you remember them also from the lyrics of Max Pezzali’s famous song “Gli Anni”! The other detail is the Marks&Angels Lucy bag in denim, with lots of colourful towelling patches and little badges, a throwback to the yuppies of the ‘80s!
Lemon yellow, one of my fave colours, for this gorgeous jacket by AnnieP, which completes today’s look with a daring dose of energy!!

Oh… at the bottom of the photos you’ll also see a player with the song by Max Pezzali… don’t know about you, but I just felt like singing it … maybe it was the effect of this ultra bright jacket?

Hugs and kisses everyone!!!

gialla - IMG_0935
gialla - IMG_0939
gialla - IMG_0940
gialla - IMG_0941
gialla - IMG_0943
gialla - IMG_0944
gialla - IMG_0954
gialla - IMG_0946
gialla - IMG_0947
gialla - IMG_0945
gialla - IMG_0937

Jacket: AnnieP
T-Shirt: Stella McCartney
Jeans: Roy Rogers
Shoes: Charles Philip
Bag: Marks & Angels
Watch and braceletMichael Kors


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