Our four-legged friends!

Our four-legged friends!

Dear pinelle and pinelli,
summer is coming and the internet is already overrun with appeals against dog abandonment. We all know that this time is the worst time of all, when dog owners too often just forget about their four-legged friends. Dog homes and rescue centres have to work overtime to take in the increasing number of abandoned pets… and the help of volunteers (who give up their free time to the cause) becomes so vitally important!
since the LaPinella team can boast more four- than two-legged friends, we couldn’t pass up on the chance to talk about these amazing facilities and extraordinary people who devote their time to animals with such love and dedication! So today I’ve decided to introduce you to an association in Rome, called “6 Orme Onlus”, where my friend Gaia is a volunteer.

This association was founded in 2013, and it is a real family that seeks to help less fortunate dogs as much as it can. Sadly it is often not enough to just share appeals on FB, or to take the dogs out for a walk now and again… Sometimes there are far more serious problems to be faced, and that is why “6 Orme Onlus” was set up.

Medical care, socialisation, support, recovery, food and a place to stay until homes are found…this and much, much more is offered by the Rome-based 6 Orme shelter, which is self-sustained thanks to membership fees and events organised by the volunteers themselves to raise funds and collect food. But luckily there are donations too, an essential resource.
There are plenty of ways to help this association, whether you live in Rome or in other parts of Italy. From volunteer work to simple word-of-mouth in sharing appeals, or even better, if you’re looking for a pet, take a peek at the website www.6orme.org or their FB page, and I’m sure at least one of their 400 four-legged guests will steal your heart!

Dogs’ homes are full of lovely dogs, of all breeds and mixes… so please look through the photos below… and let those puppy eyes work their magic! They all need loving homes! Come on!!!!!

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