Little women grow up. The new icons of high fashion

Little women grow up. The new icons of high fashion

We need no longer be surprised to see young girls turn into real show business stars over the years. Singers, actresses, models… at times we watch them grow up on TV or cinema, and at others they vanish only to reappear years later, more beautiful and famous than before. Sometimes we would have never believed that that sweet child could become a beauty and style icon. A few examples?

Hands up who doesn’t remember Jen and Joey, the two stars of Dawson’s Creek?! The first, Michelle Williams, stepped out of her wild-child-with-a-big-heart role to become a multi-award winning actress and the iconic face of Louis Vuitton. The naive Joey – Katie Holmes, is now a first rate designer, setting up the brand Holmes&Yang, super cool and one of the most in vogue in the United States.

We were no less surprised by the sweet star of Twilight, Kristen Stewart, now the face of Chanel. A slightly gothic photo shoot put her up there with the world’s fashion icons. An ethereal face and genuine femininity.

And how could we not mention the most famous witch in the world? The fantastic Hermione Granger, namely Emma Watson. This little “muggle” has won over high fashion by becoming the ambassador for Burberry. An advertising campaign that brings out the sweetness and shows the more mature side of that lovely kid we were used to watching on the big screen! What can I say…except for well done girls!!!


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