Black, white and color strips

Black, white and color strips

My dear Pinelle, here I am again today, with my Friday tips! It is a simple black and white look, but with lots of different and unusual details… let’s take them one by one!
These jeans from Topshop, black and slightly ripped, are currently my favourite… which you have probably guessed by now hehehe! I matched them with an open-knit cotton sweater by American Vintage, which reveals some lacy underwear beneath… but not too much! A peek-a-boo effect I really like!
And then… let’s move swiftly on to the accessories! First are these sunglasses from the special Colorbands collection by Vogue Eyewear. The temples of this collection are made up of 4 different coloured pieces, playing with the stripe effect that is really on trend right now! You can find lots of colour variants and even prescription glasses in the same style!
The bag is the new Marks & Angels, and this model takes its name from the youngest member of the Marcuzzi household “Mia”! My shoes are by Charline De Luca, echoing the two-tone concept of this look, in black and white with a very unusual design on the straps!

Anyway, speaking of Mia… I must tell you that yesterday afternoon the pinella crew were waiting for me in the office for our monthly meeting. So before we started, Mia, Rebecca and I made our fantastic pie as a treat for everyone… We gobbled it up, of course, but we were good… we did actually leave a slice for Tommy and Paolo! hehehe Lots of kisses Pinelle and pinelli!!! Have a great weekend!!

Jeans: TopShop
Sweater: American Vintage
Glasses: Vogue Eyewear
Earring: Rossella Catapano
Bag: Marks & Angels
Shies: Charline De Luca


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