Bikinis galore!

Bikinis galore!

Summer has come, and so it is time for my third post about swimming costumes!!!
On this occasion I took advantage of my long weekend at Claudia’s in Formentera to take some pictures for you! I must say that a bit of natural colour instead of an Instagram filter makes all the difference! Ahahhaa!
This time I opted for four colourful bikinis in different patterns. The first one is by Tezenis, a two piece with triangle top and classic bottoms with side ties. It has a camouflage pattern, with lots of little fluorescent yellow stars, just like the colour inside the bikini which creates a nice two-tone effect.

The second is by Amanì, and this time the top is bandeau style, again with classic bottoms. It is knit fabric and I chose the version in fuchsia, acid green and brown but there is also a lighter coloured version in shades of blue and beige! 😉

Now let’s move on to bikini number three, by MC2 Saint Bart. It is bandeau style too, with removable straps, and has a geometric pattern in vibrant colours that recall the blue sea!
And lastly, in sea green with a floral pattern and fluorescent yellow details, here’s the bikini by F**K, also bandeau style but with bottoms that are slightly wider at the sides and so less minimal!
What do you think? Which one is your fave???
Hugs and kisses!





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