Tips for summer!

Tips for summer!

Here I am Pinelle, and happy Monday!!!
Some of you asked for more tips on sunscreen for the seaside… So, in today’s post, I’ve decided to give you lots of summer tips, starting with sunscreens!!

One of the ranges I prefer for sunscreens is by Institut Esthederm, and I use it for face and body. The face cream is more suitable for skins that tan quickly, it in fact intensifies tanning and leaves the skin soft, moisturised and, of course, protected!!!
The body lotion is instead for sensitive skins, protecting them outright thanks to its anti-burn formula and giving you a natural, long-lasting tan! Just try it and see!


Our two sunscreens should be followed by an after-sun cream of course! This after-sun treatment is a cream that nourishes the skin with a highly soothing property. It also has a very effective anti-wrinkle smoothing action, ideal for older pinelle like me, or for those who want to start caring for their skin immediately!

And how could anyone get through summer without a nice pair of sunglasses, perhaps with a coloured frame? But if you’re not sure what colour to choose, no problem… there are these multicoloured glasses by Zara to solve any indecision! Round, graduated lenses, and lots of bright colours to make your summer outfits even more fun!


And here we are at one of the must-haves which I just couldn’t be without! The straw hat! You are truly spoilt for choice here pinelle, and pinelli too!!! Oh yeah, because there are lots of versions even for our boys! Today’s one is by Asos and it’s the classic Borsalino, in straw with a fluorescent orange band!


Now to footwear, and at the seaside, Espadrilles are an absolute must. Comfortable, light and very on trend! I picked two different versions, the first in emerald green, with the typical rope wedge, perfect with a nice little dress maybe! They are really cute and the “heel” is not too high so you can walk comfortably, and have a fabulously slim looking leg… which never goes amiss! ahahha


For those who prefer to keep their feet firmly on the ground, here is the super flat version, the classic Espadrilles, but in a really colourful pattern, perfect for summer! I liked them at once and they are extremely comfortable!
All that’s left is the bikini wrap… any recommendations? Maybe a kimono, what do you think??! I’ll be waiting for your suggestions pinelle… and I’ll be back on Wednesday with some more gorgeous swimming costumes! Hurrah for the summer!!!


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