Beauty tips for men…

Beauty tips for men…

Well yes, pinelle and pinelli… today let’s talk about beauty, except this time the tips are all for men! In the past, the only beauty treatment for men was a morning shower, shave and maybe a few drops of perfume or aftershave… Well, now even men have their own beauty routine!

Moisturising, revitalising, purifying… all words we know well, but that we often underestimate or that take too much time, which in the morning is of the essence and never seems enough! Here are a few quick and simple gestures you can try for your facial skin Pinelli!

Once awake, try using a tonic to wash your face. It revives, disinfects and cleans away impurities, letting your skin breath. And if you then have to shave every morning, use an oil which will help the razor to glide! Try not to steal your Pinella’s facial moisturising cream … your skin is much different, and you will just make the situation worse! If you need to cover dark circles or bags under your eyes, try a moisturising treatment, applying it well using gentle touches, almost tapping your skin lightly with your fingertips, which is ideal for reactivating circulation and a better complexion. For those who often have shiny skin, don’t worry, men’s skin tends to be oilier than women’s. It is a self-protecting reaction. There is a solution though, a fine mattifying gel will help you get rid of this effect and improve the appearance of your skin. Then if you really want to go to town, you can apply a moisturising mask once or twice a week, and a good night cream which will nourish and keep you skin elastic.

As you can see, the watchwords are the same as for us girls… but be careful…hands off our beauty cases! You have been warned! 😀



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