Casual gipsy look!

Casual gipsy look!

Happy Monday Pinelle and Pinelli, how are you? Today’s look is a little dress I got from Niki Nika in Rome, a shop you will know very well by now, as one of my faves and because the owner is a dear friend of mine!

It’s a really nice black dress, with lots of gorgeous summery colours on the top part. It also has metal inserts that clink as you move. That’s why I had so much fun taking these photos a few days ago, between the sound of the metal and the wonderful wheel of the skirt, I just kept on twirling and twirling… until at one stage Claudia said: “Alessia, how about a photo while still?” 😀 ahhahah we all had a really good laugh! Anyway… the dress is by Nina Kaufman. I wore it with black flat sandals by Kurt Geiger, and hoop earrings to recall the slightly gypsy style of this gorgeous dress. It is a light dress with full three-quarter-length sleeves, and since it is not too tight, it’s perfect for all body shapes! A big kiss to all!!!

Gipsy- IMG_2023
Gipsy- IMG_2006

Gipsy- IMG_2025
Gipsy- IMG_2028
Gipsy- IMG_2031
Gipsy- IMG_2033
Gipsy- IMG_2013
Gipsy- IMG_2030-ok

Dress: Nina Kaufman
Shoes: Kurt Geiger


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