One year with la pinella

One year with la pinella

Dear Pinelle and Pinelli… the other day I was travelling to Rome, going back home for a BB meeting and perhaps, for the first time, I opened up Instagram and I didn’t look at the home feed but went straight to my own profile page.

All of the photos I had posted appeared… Looking at them, I realised that a year has really flown by, and it has been an incredible, crazy one at that.

From holidays with my kids, to the blog, to laughs with my friends, my changes in look, birthdays, my wedding(!!!) and the secret photos where I could not reveal anything, at Zelig, Isola dei Famosi, lots more blogging, the usual and irreplaceable friends… the Summer Festival, and now BB again!

But I found lots of everyday life, selfies with Paolo, with Cla and with my kids… with the whole crew at every meeting.

Small things, little gestures and moments that I like sharing on IG with all of you… and so I thought that I too would like to see your photos of the past year! So why not create one or more collages and share them on Instagram with the hashtag #unannoconlapinella? What do you think??????

Your Pinella awaits!!! …DAJEEEEE

01-post ig
02-post ig
03-post ig
04-post ig
05-post ig
06-post ig
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