Pink scooter

Pink scooter

Here we are… once again in my little Melrose Place. Every time I arrive in my street in London, I feel like one of the residents of the famous Californian apartment block.
I recall talking about it in an older post, but looking at these photos reminded me of it again! As you can see, today we are out with Mia and her scooter.
I had gone out to take a few snaps, but of course I ended up running down the whole street after her!! So basically after paddling in France, I’ve come to London to run the marathon! ahahha

Just as well the whole street is pedestrian and there are no dangers! She is completely mad about her pink scooter, and even scoots around the house on it… much to my delight!!! (argh!!)
Anyway, having put it to the test, I can safely say that this outfit is perfect for mums constantly on the go ahahah, and it is almost all low cost because, again, it’s all from Top Shop!

The jumpsuit has a lovely floral pattern on a dark background, matched with a simple white tee, and since the weather here in London is a bit up and down, much different from the temperatures I left behind in Rome, I wore a classic denim shirt over it! Open sandals on my feet, but that cover my foot a bit too thanks to all the strappy bits on the front and the ankle, gladiator style; and to finish off,  my studded bag, a little less low cost, by Valentino.

Kisses to all of you, and for those on holidays or about to set off… HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!


Tuta/salopette: TopShop
Camicia: TopShop
Scarpe: TopShop
Borsa: Valentino
Occhiali: Spektre
Collanina: TopShop


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