Beach outfits: our tips

Beach outfits: our tips

It’s time to pack your cases, switch off and relax, at long last!
Talking with the girls in the crew, we realised that the biggest doubt for us ladies is often choosing the right beach outfit. Especially if you have planned to spend much of your holiday at the sea and enjoy some cocktails right there when the sun goes down!
Have you ever happened to look around you, see all those perfect girls and feel a tad unglamorous in your choice of look? We have… and so we’ve decided to give you a few tips, perfect for the beach, and elsewhere too!

Let’s start with one of the basics: the swimming costume. I’ve shown you lots this season and each one of us has her own fave style, so here you can indulge yourself no problem! 😉 Just remember one thing: simplicity is often your greatest ally! But let’s get on with the first garment, to be worn as a cover-up: the caftan!

01-spiaggiaHere you are really spoilt for choice, because this garment is one of the most popular for the summer! Slightly see-through, in a plain colour or in a variety of weird and wonderful patterns, you can personalise it with little belts or simple necklaces. It’s a real essential, to be worn with jewelled sandals (not OTT!!), a nice straw hat and classic shades!

shutterstock_273291203Let’s move on to another piece: the Shirt-dress ! A long, lightweight shirt will give you instant elegance, to be worn with or without shorts. In the evening you can dress it up as you prefer with belts to accentuate your waistline, making it more cinched and sexy! Here too, sandals with coloured beads, sunglasses and what I consider the essential straw hat… this time with a wider brim.

shutterstock_265426964Another summer trend is the short strapless dress. This year’s absolute must is in all white, which really brings out your suntan, but you can find it in lots of different colours and styles… whatever you go for, it will give you an instant pinch of sensuality!

Let’s move on now to the most classic outfit of all, with which you can never go wrong… Shorts with a coloured, off-the-shoulder top, either striped or slightly perforated! Try it with a shirt knotted at the waist, ‘80s style, and round it off with a nice straw hat and some unusual sunglasses.


Second-last one… the long dress (or long skirt), striped maybe, with some nice colourful sandals and sunglasses! Guaranteed to make you feel comfortable even at cocktail time!


And last of all, this year’s big novelty… the Kimono! This has been the veritable hit of this summer, to be worn either tied over your swimming costume, or open over shorts and tee. You’ll find them in all patterns and styles under the sun: long, short, with fringes, and with long or short sleeves… Even in this case you can glitz it up with some accessories, but for us simplicity reigns supreme, so matching sandals and plain sunglasses!
What do you think? Enjoy the summer y’all!!! 🙂


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