Five not-to-be-missed summer destinations

Five not-to-be-missed summer destinations

So here we are: holiday time has finally come! Many are still undecided, while others prefer to enjoy their well-deserved holiday a little later on! But today we’re going to talk about the most popular destinations for this 2015!
Naturally, I cannot but include my beloved Formentera and Ibiza, which I have often told you about! They are two places that have so much to offer, clean beaches, bars and restaurants for chilling out on hot summer days, but also lots of interesting sights! On Ibiza, for example, there is the isle of Es Vedra, a majestic rocky island next to a slightly smaller one. Legend has it that the island is part of the ruins of the famous Atlantis!

While in Formentera, not only can you enjoy its splendid beaches, but you can admire the “Es Cap de Barbaria Lighthouse” perched on a sheer cliff over the sea… at sunset it is a very romantic sight!

Another popular destination is the Greek island of Mykonos… and did you know that there is also a Little Venice? Lots of little colourful houses that line the seafront and many windmills!

Let’s round off our travels in our own beloved home, Italy!
Capri is definitely an all-time popular haunt, and its Faraglioni are the world’s most famous sea stacks, ideal for visiting on board a little boat to admire their majesty in the midst of a crystal clear sea!

And lastly, the magical Stromboli with its magnificent volcano! It can be visited on organised tours and nature lovers can admire the scenery from the black sand beaches!

And you Pinelle and Pinelli, where are you off to on holidays???


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