The allure of good and evil!

The allure of good and evil!

Good triumphs over all evil! But it’s just as true that evil is a temptress; she often bewitches us, and sometimes we find ourselves, without even realising it, supporting characters that play the baddies.
So, we decided to have a little “contest” between the female characters of the most famous fairytales – the ones we all know and have loved since we were little, thanks to Disney animation films!
The first challenge is between Snow White and Grimhilde, better known as the “Evil Queen“. The stepmother’s allure is there; a beautiful, impeccably elegant woman who cannot overshadow the pure Snow White, who just keeps on stealing the hearts of all girls, big or small!

Biancaneve-matrignaThen let’s move on to another great classic – Sleeping Beauty – featuring the golden-haired Aurora against the deceitful Maleficent. Here, there has definitely been a turnaround, because up to a few years ago the beautiful Aurora was everyone’s fave. But then with the release of “Maleficent – The Film”, the character of the witch swept aside the princess’s virtues and won over everyone’s hearts. Of course, a big part of this was down to the actress playing the leading role: Angelina Jolie, who can in fact boast incredible beauty and talent… it’s difficult not to fall under her spell!

bella-addormentataOne special case is definitely Ariel, the sweet Little Mermaid who loves the human world so much, and the brilliant Ursula. I challenge you to find a girl who prefers Ursula… the sweet singing mermaid has always and undoubtedly carved a place in all little girls’ hearts! But – and there is one but – the character of Ursula enchanted the adults with her great sense of humour and really impeccable eloquence.

Sirenetta-ursulaAnd, while she may not have a real princess as her adversary, we cannot but mention the evil, gossipy and slightly hysterical Cruella De Vil! Her enemy is the sweet, dear Anita, with her beloved family of human and four-legged friends. Top notch acting by Glenn Close in the Disney film “101 Dalmatians”, plenty of laughs provided by Jasper and Horace under the control of the wicked Cruella, but here, alas, there can be no doubt! Our friends Pongo, Perdita, Anita and Roger, together with their chubby nanny, will always come up trumps! Carica-101-crudeliaMoral of the story? Now it’s your turn to say who you have cheered on, and still cheer on, from the four heroines (and baddies) we put to you here below… and why not, even give us your opinion on what we have talked about today!!! 😉



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