At sunset

At sunset

Pinelle!!!! We may be all back home, but I still have something to tell you about my last week at the beautiful sea of Formentera.

Paolo, Mia and I were guests at a friends’ house, and every evening we’d have a nice stroll along the coast. The photos you can see today were taken during one of our walks, and we were at Cala Saona.

It was the day I’d got burnt, and sun was absolutely out of the question. But since I cannot stay still, I decided to take off on a nice excursion. But guess what I did first??? I rooted around in Paolo’s suitcase and pinched his shorts!!! hahahahaha I had an excuse too… I needed a slightly baggier pair that wouldn’t rub off the wound I had just medicated! So I took his, turned them up a few times at the waist, and off we went! Ahahaa Anyway, after the tees I am now stealing his shorts too! But they’re cute as jogging pants right??? 😉

As you can see, the landscape is spectacular, almost lunar, all dark… but then you turn around and see the contrasting colours of the sea… really amazing!
What can I say… this Island still manages to amaze me time and time again! Kisses to all!!!


Shorts: Nike
Tank: Topshop
Shoes: Nike


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