Thames Bath in London: a swimming pool on the Thames!

Thames Bath in London: a swimming pool on the Thames!

The Thames is definitely one of the symbols of London, a river that runs through the city and alongside historical landmarks like Big Ben and the House of Parliament as well as more touristy ones which nonetheless provide breathtaking views, like the famous London Eye.

The Thames is close to the hearts of all Londoners and, a few months ago, there was the idea of creating a swimming pool right in the river! The project is called Thames Baths and it will be an open air pool for Londoners and for tourists alike!

The brains behind the project is architect Chris Romer-Lee from the London-based studio Octopi who, during his travels, discovered that there were similar projects in other cities, such as New York, Zurich, Berlin, Paris and Vienna.
To get the project underway in the UK, a crowd-funding campaign was launched on Kickstarter and exceeded the threshold of 125,000 sterling in May 2015, enabling Thames Baths to become reality over the coming years!

The plan envisages an ambitious design set to open in spring 2017 and involving a floating platform with a pool 25 metres long by 10 wide containing purified water directly from the Thames itself.
Admission will be inexpensive too and it is sure to be a popular place not just for Londoners who are stuck in the city during summer but also for many tourists welcomed by the English capital every year.



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