Romantic dinner…

Romantic dinner…

Pinelle!!! Are you ready for another weekend?
We’ll be busy with rehearsals for BB, as appointments between the studio and production get more and more intense… and kick off date approaches!!!

But I can’t head off to Cinecittà without first writing to my Pinelle and Pinelli!! 🙂 And since it’s Friday evening, this look could be perfect for a very, very romantic dinner… you could even organise a little surprise for your husband or boyfriend at home, why not? One thing is sure… you will be tremendously irresistible!
Here’s a sound piece of advice though, if you’re cooking dinner, go with your best dish and don’t try anything new that night… trust me, because disaster is just around the corner! eheheh

As for your outfit… let’s see… I picked a little strapless dress by Allis, with a knot in the middle that creates a bit of movement. On my feet, high heel sandals by Gianvito Rossi… no use denying it, our boys like high heels! The shoes are camel col0ured suede, and I matched them with an animal print Marks&Angels clutch. Of course you won’t need the bag if you organise a dinner at home, but I wanted to show you the whole look.
So what do you think? Naturally, you Pinelli men can also organise a nice surprise for your better halves! After all, we know you are big romantics too!!!!
Have a great weekend everyone!!! <3

abitino-sediapelle- IMG_1089
abitino-sediapelle- IMG_1094
abitino-sediapelle- IMG_1095
abitino-sediapelle- IMG_1097
abitino-sediapelle- IMG_1098
abitino-sediapelle- IMG_1100
abitino-sediapelle- IMG_1103
abitino-sediapelle- IMG_1108
Dress: Allis
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi
Bag: Marks&Angels

Chair: Saddlers Union


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