Street Art: Banksy and his “Dismaland”

Street Art: Banksy and his “Dismaland”

He’s the leading figure in street art, is English and over the years has always managed to make the news despite being shrouded in mystery. We’re talking about Banksy, whose somewhat satirical artworks about politics and culture in his trademark stencilling technique have enchanted the whole world.

Like any self respecting artist, Banksy has succeeded in surprising us all yet again. On last 22 August in Weston-super-Mare, a seaside town in Somerset, Great Britain, he opened “Dismaland”, an “alternative”, gloomy fun park.

Of course, the name Dismaland (which comes from the word “dismay”) refers to the most famous of all fun parks: Disneyland.

However the colours are dark and even the castles of the most famous fairy tales are portrayed as ruins. The references to society and to current politics are many, together with reinterpretations of Disney characters. Cinderella is the victim of a pumpkin carriage crash and is surrounded by paparazzi, clearly echoing the death of Lady Diana, the statue of the Little Mermaid is distorted and even the staff of the park is anything but cheerful.

Inside the park you can admire different works by Banksy as well as of a dozen or so by other contemporary artists. The park will be open until 27 September and admission is just three pounds. Online bookings are enjoying enormous success and those who go straight to the site can expect very long queues.



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