Over 50: beauty never goes out of fashion

Over 50: beauty never goes out of fashion

We all know that fashion feeds on youth, energy, promised immortality and beauty, but after years of conformism and toeing the aesthetic line, the creative directors of the world’s most prestigious fashion houses are seeking new, different and unexpected looks.

In fact, the number of young, skinny and sullen models is falling, making room for more interesting faces for advertising campaigns “of substance”.

And those are the faces of Linda Rodin, Daphne Selfe, Carmen dell’Orefice and Jacqueline Murdock, as just some of the new “fashion grannies”, the over 50 beauties in fashion.

White-haired, natural, self confident and majestic, they can effortlessly hold their own against young and very young models.

Courted by labels, designers and the upper echelons of global fashion, these mature ladies, some in their eighties, are breaking taboos and stereotypes to pose for famous brands such as Lanvin, The Row, Nars and Chloè. Just leaf through the glossies and you’ll see that youth is no longer a prerequisite. “Grey is the new Black!”


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