GF14, the second episode!

GF14, the second episode!

A little less nervous than in the first episode, but here I am, like last week Pinelle and Pinelli, going live to show you some backstage photos snapped right before I take to the stage… and more too, because I know that my crew will take plenty of them in the studio! 😀
I’m writing to you while in hair and makeup and I’m thinking about my outfit for this evening! Yes… because we were undecided about our choice right until the last minute!!! And in a while I will finally meet the 5 of you who have come to visit me in studio to spend the whole live show with me! I can’t wait!!

But getting back to my look… in the end we picked this dress in burgundy crêpe, from Philosophy by Lorenzo Serafini, with lace inserts on the sleeves and at the hem of the skirt. We accentuated the waist with a lovely ton-sur-ton velvet belt. Take note of this colour because it is one of this season’s musts!! Have faith in your Pinellona!!! The high, gold colour shoes are instead by Giuseppe Zanotti.
Ok, now I’d better sign off, otherwise I’ll be scolded for never staying still while they fix my hair!!! 😀
A big kiss to all and remember…#lapinellaindahouse!!
C’mon everybody!!!!

look 2 puntatagf14-01
look 2 puntatagf14-02
look 2 puntatagf14-03
look 2 puntatagf14-04


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