Friday’s beauty tips!

Friday’s beauty tips!

Ciao Pinelle!! How are you??? Today we’re using this space for some self pampering and a bit of chat between us girls! Yes, because it’s Friday, the weekend is around the corner, and I think it’s the perfect time for some me time! So let’s begin!

We’ll start with some facial cleansing, using two products from the Vichy Normaderm range. The first is a purifying cleansing gel for sensitive skin, excellent for eliminating impurities and de-clogging pores, and it contains no soap or alcohol! Then I recommend the 3 in 1Exfoliating, Cleansing cream and Mask; perfect because it combines the “peeling” effect with a creamy soothing clay! The last product is the anti-imperfection beauty revealing treatment which is excellent for illuminating the skin, making it more even and less shiny!

The other two products I want to tell you about in this post are the BB cream and the makeup removal Micellar solution from the SensiBioH2O range by Bioderma. The BB cream can be used instead of foundation, as it creates an even base which after a lick of blusher or bronzer means you are instantly ready to go! The micellar solution, which you have probably heard about, is a water that combines a cleansing action with high skin tolerance. It can be used before applying day cream, like a toner, but it is essential in the evening for makeup removal.

For me, with my fair eyebrows, some definition with a pencil is a must, and in this case I chose the one by Clarins; long lasting and the perfect colour (though you can choose the most suitable colour for you) with a brush to tidy them up.

A drop of perfume is needed before going out, and I have fallen in love with this new jasmine fragrance by Diptyque Paris, Essences Insensées…it’s really special and the bottle is very cute!

As you probably already know, I simply have to have my hands in order and I generally love to try different coloured nail varnish. Today we photographed the new F/W collection by TNS Cosmetics which is called Skyline. It has a slightly urban feel and my faves are All That Jazz and Heartbreaker red! 😉

Of course, at the end of the day, after cleansing my face, it is important to use a night cream, like the Night infusion Cream by Caudalìe, a cream that regenerates and relaxes your skin, and the Lifting eye serum which reduces bags and relaxes the lids.

So there are some of my beauty tips for you; I really hope you like them. Do let us know if you have any tips or secrets yourselves, so that we girls can help one another out, right?!!
Kisses to all of you and have a good weekend!!!!


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