Red tweed

Red tweed

Hello there Pinelle and Pinelli!!! Had a good weekend?
I’m on the train with Mia and taking a moment of peace to write to you! After a few days of cold, bad weather, the warm sun returned to Rome for the weekend, even though we are beginning to feel an autumnal chill in the evenings!
Today’s look is a mix, with the lightness of a long dress by Stella Forest on the one hand and a warm wool gilet by Unreal Fur on the other.

The style of the dress is a bit gypsy chic, and it is the same brand as the one I chose for Mia’s birthday. On the top part it has embroidery along the neck and down to the waist. Lately I really like playing around with these transparent dresses, as I find them intriguing without being over the top. On my feet I’m wearing my grey suede boots by Aquazzura, and as I said before, over the dress I chose a gorgeous white wool gilet, in sharp contrast with the dress. And what do you think of the Anita Large bag in red tweed from the new Marks&Angels collection? Really spacious and perfect for this look!
Guys, I’d better get back to my curly blonde who is now curious to see what I’m writing! ehhehe
A big kiss to you all and have a nice day!!! <3

dress nero-alessia-06
dress nero-alessia-01

look alessia-bianco e neo-04
dress nero-alessia-08

Dress: Stella Forest
Gilet: Unreal Fur
Shoes: Aquazzura
Bag: Marks & Angels



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