In production…

In production…

Here I am guys!!! What an evening!
I must say that I’m still high on adrenaline, in fact I went to bed really late and this morning I was wide awake! 🙂 As I promised you yesterday, in this post I’m going to take you with me into BB14 production. I’m always telling you I come here but I have never shown you anything… So this time, besides the outfit, I’ll introduce you to some of the guys I’m working with on this project. They are really young and gorgeous! So from left to right we have, Alessio Pollacci director, Luca Tiberio the long standing author of BB, then the legendary “stazzitta”, queen of the internet (and of selfies on IG) Daniela Collu and, to finish off, the long-haired Emiliano Ereddia, another author and this year’s new entry! In the photo below you’ll see Fabrizio, our great and only certainty, who’s always there, and whatever happens he always manages to sort it out!
Everything you see on TV, on social networks, apps etc… is down to a great team working 24/7 with stacks of energy and passion. A team I know well by now, though it changes every year!

OK so shall we talk about my outfit?!? When I go to rehearsals, I look for comfort, and so it’s jeans all the way! The ones I’m wearing here are by Care Label, with a plain T-shirt on top in blue by Scout, straight from Paolo’s wardrobe ahahhaha, and a pair of super comfy Adidas on my feet! It was quite warm here in Rome on Wednesday, but since I had to stay here in studio until late, I brought a light jacket from Topshop in khaki green and, a must-have for me in this season, a woolly scarf to wrap around me. Today’s one is by Faliero Sarti, I adore its play of colours, it looks almost tartan.
o, what do you think? This look is a tad different from what I use live on TV I know ehehe, but it’s practical and perfect for Casual Friday right??? 😉

Have a great weekend everyone!! A big kiss from your Pinella!!!


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