There and back

There and back

Hello there Pinelle and Pinelli!
Today’s outfit is perfect if you, like me, adore comfortable, practical looks with a pinch of style. Actually, despite the fact that I’m a bit of a tom boy in everyday life, I always try to give that touch of personality to my outfits to make me feel feminine!

I took today’s photos last Saturday, as I was going out to get the train to Milan, so comfort was a must! I picked a pair of pants by Manila Grace, practical, comfortable but really gorgeous, in a grey/earth brown colour and with a side stripe of ton-sur-ton strass stones, perfect for day wear. On top I chose a plain blue t-shirt by Iro, and suede boots by Isabel Marant on my feet. The relatively low heel is ideal even for those who never wear heels… trust me, and they are slimming, so all good there! 😉
I then wore a soft jacket/coat with three-quarter-length sleeves, again by Manila Grace. The fabric is really unusual and in two colours: khaki green and dark blue.

And could I be without the camouflage version of the M&A Anita Large bag? ehehhe Of course not, I think it is really spot on here, don’t you think?
Kisses to all of you!!!!

look blu-beige-alessia-06

look blu-beige-alessia-03
look blu-beige-alessia-07

look blu-beige-alessia-05
look blu-beige-alessia-02
look blu-beige-alessia-01
look blu-beige-alessia-04
T-shirt: Iro
Pants: Manila Grace
Jacket: Manila Grace
Shoes: Isabel Marant
Bag: Marks & Angels


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