The fourth episode of BB14

The fourth episode of BB14

Pinelleeeee! I need to talk to you for one moment… because if you didn’t see the beginning of the fourth episode, you’ll know you missed the gorgeous Luca Argentero inside the house!! Feeling faint??? Don’t worry, there’s time to catch up… it will be back on air later! 🙂

But let’s get back to us, because this will be another episode packed with drama and surprises. We got to Cinecittà really early because I had a ton of things to do, and of course I would leave the house without a jacket, just when there is a chilly wind blowing here in Rome! But at least the sun is shining!! 🙂 As always, during the lighting rehearsals I met some of my pinelle who had come to see me and even brought me some gorgeous presents! <3 You are fantastic!!!! Today we also took some lovely photos with the whole audience in the studio… I’ve posted one of them here below!

For today’s outfit we’re back to the short dress! You know I go crazy for miniskirts right? This is by Alberta Ferretti, and its part of the same collection as the dress I wore last week. This time the embroidery is red/burgundy! On my feet I picked a great classic: Casadei!

Must dash now Pinelle, because as always I’m writing to you right before the show and I need to go and get dressed!!!
Hugs and kisses to all!!! I’ll be expecting your comments so c’mon everybody for #lapinellaindahouse!



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