Lost In The Weekend

Lost In The Weekend

Hello everybody!!!
How are my pinelli and pinelle? As often happens, I’m busy wondering “Where did I park my Smart?!” But today I have the “excuse” that I’m still recovering after last night’s live show, ahahha! I needed to get some shopping and then dash to pick up Mia from pre-school. So I picked a comfortable, sporty look in line with my now typical Casual Friday. Neutral colours, from the grey of the cabled sweater by Peserico, to the old rose of the coat and the grey/earth brown of the pants, again by Peserico. On my feet, python effect sneakers by Voile Blanche, perfect for this casual look.
My scarf is by Faliero Sarti and it’s an essential piece because it protects me from the slightly changeable weather we’re having right now. I grab my Marks & Angels Lucy bag in chocolate brown with studs and I’m off… ready to walk up and down the street ten times looking for my car! Who needs the gym?! ahhah! With a bit of patience, I found it in the end! 😉

But now I want to know all about you; what plans have you got for the weekend??
Hugs and k
isses, and have a good one!


Trousers and sweater: Peserico
Coat: Peserico
Shoes: Voile Blanche
Bag: Marks&Angels
Scarf: Faliero Sarti
Earring: BiDiVi by Barbara del Vecchio
Socks: H&M


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