Gerald and the missing shoe

Gerald and the missing shoe

Today I want to talk about a special partnership, particularly because it is dedicated to kids! Since last July Geox, together with the children’s writer Dallas Clayton, launched a series of books, one for each season, especially for kids!
This gave rise to a special series entitled Let your imagination breathe, an initiative that aims to stimulate the creativity of our children with the goal of… making them dream!

The books are available in paper format with the classic story, and in a digital version for more interactive children, available through a special app that can be downloaded from the Apple, Android and Windows stores. The first book, which I’m going to show you today, is “Gerald and the missing shoe”, a story in which the young protagonist lives out a fantastic adventure through the galaxies! With these stories, Geox has chosen to focus on the creativity and imagination of children teaching them to free their mind through dreams and let their imagination breathe!
For each pair of shoes from the Baby Collection, you’ll get a free copy of the lovely book created by our American illustrator, and you can find more information about it all at this link!
Pinelle mums, are you ready to set your children’s creativity free?



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